Three wooden fishing boats by Kamelion Studios
Three wooden fishing boats by Kamelion Studios



Specifics –

Oil on Stretched Canvas

100cm x 75cm (unframed)



The second in a series of contemporary art works dedicated to the Italian region of Liguria. I wanted to use this angle of looking down onto the boats. Almost inviting you to climb in. The most difficult was capturing the weathered look of the wood which is such a part of the character of these wooden fishing boats.

These boats are photographed non-stop throughout the five towns of the Cinque Terre and surrounds because they are an artwork in themselves. Much like the colourful boats in other areas of the world like South East Asia. Colourful, eye catching and just beautiful. These wooden fishing boats look crafted by hand. So this painting, is my tribute to the craft of boat making. An art-form in itself.

My favorite aspect of this art work was once again working with those cool jade colours with flashes of blue and green the way I find only the Mediterranean can be. I love the way the red pops against the blue. I again chose to emulate a flat poster style in homage to those vintage travel posters.  This artwork is sure to complete your beach house and make it feel like a resort all year round.


Oil paint on stretched canvas.


100cm x 75cm (unframed)


This canvas is ready to hang. Please contact should you wish to arrange framing.

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