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Contemporary Art. Modern art

Dial L For Love


Specifics –

Oil on Stretched Canvas

100cm x 100cm (unframed)

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Looking to make a statement? This original oil painting adds the perfect wow factor. This large wall art is a story with all the suspense of an Alfred Hitchcock novel. At least that’s how the work makes me feel. I wanted to create a sense of a scene – the young Marylin calling the president for a late night ‘chat’.

None of these things are depicted, but I wanted to give the viewer plenty of opportunity to play on the words and the image of the phone. I like working with Typography and this is the first time using it on such a large scale. I love large wall art and I always had the statement in my mind and the idea of using a phone came later.  The vintage phone is one from my childhood. It has such a distinct shrill when it rings and the mouthpiece is almost seductive, secretive even. The phone is from an era when women were dames and finding love (marriage) was at the height of social standing. Courting was all about the smallest gestures and nothing to do with today’s Facebook ‘Likes’ or swiping left or right on Tinder.  Men wore suits and held open doors.

The choice of Navy for the phone instead of another colour popular at the time (cream) brings with it a more masculine feel. It’s where I feel there is suspense in the work, will the dame meet an unsavoury end from the man who answers the call…? Or will she indeed find love.

Testing all my skills as a painter, from simulating burnished brass to the high sheen lacquer finish of the phone, Dial ‘L’ is my premier original artwork in this year’s portfolio taking over 3 months to complete and is sure to make a bold statement in any home.


Oil paint, Acrylic paint (on the text) on stretched canvas


100cm x 100cm (unframed)


This canvas is ready to hang. Please contact should you wish to arrange framing.

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