Modern impressionist artwork of Venice Modern impressionist painting. Seaside art
Modern impressionist artwork of Venice Modern impressionist painting. Seaside art

La Serenissima


Specifics –

Oil on Canvas

90cm x 90cm (Framed)



This is my modern impressionist artwork, La Serenissima,  my tribute to Venice. The place that people have ooo’ed and ahhh’ed over for centuries. The Serene Republic as it was known before it was Venice, fascinated me as I searched to find a quiet slice of this tourist packed city.

I chose an iconic symbol of Venice, the Gondola and the Gondolier stroking down the Grand Canal at sunset. Can you get any more Venice than that!

I felt the only style to do this justice would be in a modern impressionist/pointillist style. The first layer is midnight blue, just a wash. The second layer uses many blue hues to create the waves and begins the process of small brush strokes. I have avoided using black preferring to use dark blue and purple to create the silhouette of the Gondolier. The last layer is the sunset colours and as they are on the opposite side of the colour spectrum to the blues, they are able to lift off the canvas in the way that sunsets lift the afternoon sky. The small brush strokes help to convey the gentle chop of one of the busiest waterways. Texture is definitely the hero of this modern impressionist artwork and it really comes to life in natural light. Emphasising all those lumps and bumps from the brush strokes.

I hope that with this small painting I can make people who have experienced Venice, stop and smile as all their memories of that visit come flooding back.


Oil paint on stretched canvas.


90cm x 90cm (Framed)


This canvas is ready to hang.

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