Large abstract painting of a horse by Kamelion Studios
Large abstract painting of a horse by Kamelion Studios

El Caballero (The Knight)


Specifics –

Oil on Stretched Canvas

120cm x 90cm (unframed)

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This large abstract painting was influenced by a sculpture I was fascinated by on the side of the famous Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. There was a sense of heaviness, of weight in this sculpture which I loved. But how do you replicate that feeling on a canvas? I knew I wanted to make a large abstract painting, to create something that almost created itself. So I was very guided by the process with this one. Letting it flow.

I wanted to give the painting an earthiness, an almost cave painting feel. To keep the painting abstract, I used a continued brush stroke over the painting to keep the focus on the tone and colour with the only emphasis being on the strong lines. There’s actually a few layers to this artwork with each layer’s texture making for full effect in the natural light.

These lines help to make real the struggle of the abstract horse to keep its balance down the slope as though there is a rider on its back. El Caballero – the knight. There is essences of the horses stance –  tail flicked in the air, head tucked and hoof pressing into the dirt. I hope you enjoy this painting as much as I do.


Oil paint on stretched canvas.


120cm x 90cm (unframed)


This canvas is ready to hang. Please contact should you wish to arrange framing.

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